Find Out What Ingredients Nature Provides That Make Up Some of the Best Natural Skin Care Products

The cosmetic and beauty industry makes billions and billions of dollars selling consumers, like us, products that they claim are the best and deliver us results. The fact is they will tell us whatever we want to hear therefore, we purchase their beauty and skin care products.

Companies are providing us with misleading information. The truth is that most brands, of skin care products, on the market today are full of chemicals and synthetic substances that will do more harm to us than good. Actually, many products they say are supposed to improve the skin, are anything but safe, beneficial or healthy for you or your skin.

Parabens, for example, are used as preservatives to lengthen the shelf life of products. Studies have shown that they link to contributing the production of cancer. Another harmful ingredient that are commonly used in skin care products are fragrances. Fragrances may smell great however, they can affect the central nervous system, causing depression, hyperactivity, and even irritability.

You would think that companies were not allowed to produce products that were dangerous and can cause adverse health effects. Cosmetics and beauty products, unlike drugs, are not regulated by governmental agencies. The safety of skin care, hair care, and cosmetics are determined by the cosmetic manufacturers themselves. They make their own rules and regulations about what to use in the products we purchase and apply to our skin (that eventually ends up in our bloodstream). That is a really scary thought.

If you truly care about the health of your body and your skin, then you must make a resolve to ditch conventional products and start switching over to herbal and natural skin care products. They are very effective for all skin types. Whether, that be normal, oily or sensitive skin. Nature provides us accessibility to the most purest and fresh ingredients there are to keep us feeling and looking our best. They are safer to use and milder for our skin.

Natural skin care products are plant-based made with plant extracts and essential oils. Here are a few ingredients that are great and work well together.

Cynergy TK: This is one of the best ingredients to help combat the signs of aging. It stimulates the body to produce more collagen and elastin to restore the skin’s firmness and elasticity. It also works well as a skin emollient as it improves the skin’s ability to retain moisture.

Aloe vera: It is one of the best herbs, among others, for the skin. It contains minerals, amino acids, vitamins, and enzymes that are necessary for healthy skin. It has a calming effect on the skin and it promotes proper blood circulation. It is a common ingredient in products for wrinkles, aging, and acne.

Manuka honey: This type of honey is very much rich in antioxidants which help protect the cells of the body from free radical damage. Free radicals are one of the causes of premature aging of the skin. Manuka honey is also an effective anti-inflammatory that makes it effective in fighting acne.

These three ingredients are imperative to have in your natural skin care products. However, there are many more ingredients that work well with these to make an amazing and effective product that keeps your skin healthy and beautiful. If you are interested in learning about what others natural ingredients there are, visit my site today!

Natural Skin Care For Men to Help Rejuvenate Men’s Skin

The men’s skin care market has now become revolutionized and men are finding it easier to source natural skin care for men. Usually skin care for men would sit on the back shelf of most pharmacy or department stores without being noticed because no-one gave it any thought and if they did the skin cream products that were available for men were either filled with chemicals or were just not good. However skin care manufacturers have began to produce skin care products for men that are natural and deserves to be noticed.

You see, in the past skin care for men used to contain the same ingredients as women’s however, due to research and the advancement in science and technology that is no longer the case. It has been proven that men skin composition is different than that of a woman and because most men shave they needed a product that would help to heal and reduce inflammation.

Men skin need specially formulated ingredients because they tend to neglect it. They spent a good amount of time in the sun, smoke, shave, eat unhealthy and just basically neglect their skin.

However fortunately, one cosmetic company based in New Zealand has realized that men were being neglected in the cosmetic arena and they have designed products that are natural, with active ingredients that will heal and repair man’s skin.

Men cosmetic normally contain a lot of chemicals because for some reason the manufacturers thought that that would be good enough for men’s skin, however it has been proven that chemically based products do not heal your skin , instead they will cause rashes, inflammation and uneven skin tone. Some of the chemicals I am talking about are: parabens, fragrances, alcohol, mineral oil, dioxane, triclosan. These ingredients you want to avoid using.

There are some ingredients however that have been proven over time to work wonderfully to heal and rejuvenate men’s skin. Natural skin care products are what most men should be using if they want to rejuvenate and regain younger looking skin.

Let me talk about some of the natural skin care for men ingredients:

Phytessence Wakame: Great for healing and repairing skin. Provide skin with antioxidant healing properties to fight free radicals which are very damaging to skin cells.

Witch Hazel: This is an ingredient most men want to see in their cosmetic products. Witch Hazel heals the skin from irritation and inflammation caused by shaving. It protects the skin and it is also an astringent and antioxidant.

Cynergy TK: For the man experiencing wrinkles and fine lines this is an absolutely must ingredient. It builds collagen and elastin in your skin causing the wrinkles and fine lines to disappear giving you smooth, toned and firm skin.

Natural treatment for men skin should contain all of the above ingredients if they want to have smooth, skin free from shaving bruises. Look for natural ingredients in any products before purchasing to ensure you get the optimum benefits.

Visit my website to learn more about natural skin care for men.

How to Find a Natural Skin Care Company

How important is it to find a natural skin care company? It turns out that it’s extremely important for your well being. Many creams and lotions contain harmful chemicals. These have been exposed for causing some of the most serious illnesses that are striking even young people.

This is not good news and should be a major wake-up call to us all. Cancer cases are rising at an alarming rate and reports are flying around blaming it on cosmetics. The chemicals in skin care may be killing us. The time has come to go natural.

But how exactly do we go about finding a natural skin care company? It’s really not all that complicated. You’ve got to learn how to identify a company that uses natural products from one that uses chemicals in their products. It’s really that simple.

In order to successfully find a bona fide natural skin care company you have to be a little skeptical and do
a little detective work. No more grabbing the latest cosmetics being touted as the be-all and end-all for your skin problems.

Just because young, airbrushed celebrities are being hired to push a new cream it doesn’t mean it’s good for you. They get paid a ton of money and will say whatever they’re told to say. Don’t be duped. People are dying in the name of beauty and it’s just not worth it.

You’ve got to read labels and learn to identify whether the ingredients are natural or chemical based. This can’t be emphasized enough. And, because the cosmetics industry is a multi billion dollar industry, you’ve got to be extra careful to trust no one.

When it comes to adding chemicals as fillers or preservatives even some companies that profess to be natural cannot be trusted. We all have seen plenty of examples of how greed can make people do terrible things. Some natural skin care companies may be tempted to take shortcuts.

Why? Because chemicals cost pennies compared to the best, most pure plant extracts. Let’s face it. in the world of business it’s all about making as much profit as possible.

That’s why you need to be armed with what could be life saving knowledge. Once you can recognize the names of the most widely used chemicals in cosmetics, no one will be able to fool you. Here are the ones that appear most often.

Fragrances, Mineral oil. Liquid paraffin. Paraffin wax. Parabens. Petrolatum. Phenol. Polyethylene glycol. Nitrosamines. Toluene. Triclosan. If you see even one of these chemicals listed on the label you will know you have not found a true natural skin care company that you can trust.

No cosmetics companies should put these in skin products. Chemicals don’t belong in your body. They are known to cause trouble, ranging from allergies to cancer. So it definitely pays to read the fine print on labels, even if it seems like a nuisance at the time.

Strangely, the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t do a thing about pulling these dangerous products off the market. There are so many laws in the U.S., but going after companies making dangerous cosmetics is not one of them. That’s why you’ve got to look out for yourself.

Here, then, is what you should look for when trying to find a natural skin care company. The label should list Cynergy TK™. Nano-Lipobelle H EQ10. (a special form of CoenzymeQ10), Phytessence Wakame. Natural vitamin E (Alpha-tocopherol ). Maracuja. Babassu. Grapeseed Oil. Crodamol. Shea Butter. Avocado Oil. If these ingredients are actually listed on the label of a product you can rest assured that you have found a rare bird, a true natural skin care company.